To give our users optimal access to their Giracoins, we have set up the Girapay payment service. Girapay is the virtual wallet for Giracoins and can be compared to the e-banking in conventional banks. Girapay users benefi t from fast transaction execution with very low transaction fees and a return on their assets in the form of the proof-of-stake process.

Girapay lets you transfer Giracoins anywhere in the world whenever you like. All you need is your private key and the public key of the recipient. The public key might be compared to the account number at a bank. Since the Giracoin block chain generates a new block with transactions every minute, it only takes seconds for your transfer to reach your recipient.



GiraWallet APP

The innovative and fully secure Girapay app gives you unrestricted access to all Girapay at anytime and anywhere. The app thus constitutes the digital counterpart to a conventional wallet and allows direct and uncomplicated payment at participating retailers. It offers the necessary mobility and enables a faster response time for urgent decisions. Naturally, the Girapay app uses the same high security standards as the traditional desktop version.




The e-wallet is the digital wallet in which your Giracoins are kept. You can view your account balance and transaction history at any time.